Ballot access reform

Part 1 Article 11 states: ” All elections are to be free, and every inhabitant of the state of 18 years of age and upwards shall have an equal right to vote in any election…. Every inhabitant of the state, having the proper qualifications, has equal right to be elected into office.”
Current law in New Hampshire makes it difficult for candidates outside of a qualified party to be placed on the ballot, and requires a political party to obtain 4% of the vote for either Governor or US Senate in order to remain ballot qualified; this threshold is double the national average. Further, NH is among one of only a handful of states that allows voters to register with a political party where party registration is not a factor in determining whether or not a party is ballot qualified. Our neighbors to the West allow any party that is organized to place their candidates on the general election ballot.

If elected I will introduce legislation to:
1) reduce the number of petitions needed for a minor party or independent candidate to get on the ballot;
2) reduce the threshold needed for a political party to remain on the ballot form 4% to 2%;
3) include voter registration as an alternative method of obtaining ballot access;
4) allowing any qualified political party to determine its own method of choosing candidates.

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